Fake or faith?


The Bible says we should build
our house upon the rock.
As a child enters the world and
outgrows clothes and beliefs…
…so too should a believer outgrow
their beliefs.

A toddler can pick up a small stone
a teen a larger one, and an adult a
larger one still.

A person of faith, believes one thing
when they start their walk….

Have any beliefs you started with,

If nothing has changed in your faith since your walk began,
I have to ask you, is your walk taking you anywhere?
If not, then I hope you were already there,  wherever you are supposed to be.

Either you understood it all from the start,
your faith has changed.

Have you challenged your faith?

If not, may I?


3 comments on “Fake or faith?

  1. wiccanwoman says:

    Please correct your typo (anwhere = anywhere) – as this is great food for thought and should not be marred! Well done.

  2. Well written, my friend. And your point hits the mark. So often we miss what it is about anyway. There is SUPPOSED to be growth and with growth comes maturity, and with maturity come change in the RIGHT direction.

    Then again, the opposite is true as well. One can grow so much that your growth becomes a problem for the Master and usually a good pruning brings you back into the right direction again!!

    Keep challenging, peripateopneuma!!!!!!!!!

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