Quick thoughts on the Gay marriage fiasco

The church is having a hard time getting it’s arms around this thing, “Gay Marriage”.    The irony is, they have brought it on themselves.  I exclude myself because I refuse to associate with those bigots on Biblical grounds.  I will say this, I strongly support that few of them set out to be Bigots, but there are too many that did.  The rest are Bigots by action and inconsideration, or misleading teaching.  A bunch of sheeple following the first message that feels right to them.

I’ll make a short argument why the Church should shut up and and make this happen.  WWJD, he would have stayed the hell out of this conundrum and let the government that God appointed do their job to protect their people.  The GLBT marriage issue, is to protect them from people like the far fanatical “claims to be” right wing conservatives.   25 years ago, they could have granted equal rights, and the GLBT community wouldn’t have had to make a run at the term marriage.

My arguments in brief:

Paul said the government was appointed by God.  Get out of their way and let them do their thing which is to protect ALL of it’s people, not just those crying they are God’s people.  Liars, tax cheats, adulterers, pre-marital sexers, and bigots all can get married and be protected by the law.  GLBT, in a worse case scenario would fit into that run of descriptions.  (If you wish to argue scripture refer to my comments on Romans 1 and be prepared, that is a SHORT analysis, I have more if you wish.)

The Church has a different role than the Government.  Jesus lived under the governments laws. He didn’t even challenge them at his death.  He paid their taxes, albeit, rather ingeniously with the lucky fish thing.  Jesus acknowledged by His actions the authority of the government.  Let the government do it’s job, it’s God appointed and may not make sense to you, but you aren’t God.  Pharaoh was God appointed and without him we’d have no Moses story.  God creates evil/calamity is the verse that comes to mind.  He has bad things happen for His intentions.  Unless you can proclaim God’s intentions, then His acts like, Genocide, Killing his son, making the Apostles die horrible deaths would make a short sighted Christian proclaim God as evil.  If God wants the GLBT Marriage passed, like Interracial marriage, it too will pass.  And the Bigots yelled just as loud if not louder over that one.

Jesus said to love as perfectly as God Himself does.  Matt 5:48.  The description Jesus gave was that God even loves His enemies.  That love is demonstrated in his ACTIONS when He provides them with their necessities.  Jesus poses the observation, any idiot can love their best friends, but the right love Loves Even their enemies.  And that love REQUIRES providence or it is not Agapao/Agape.

Jesus also coached that if a man asks for your coat, with no qualifications, you should also give him your shirt, too.  Jesus didn’t say, “make sure they will use it as you think they should”.  He says give it to them.

Jesus said we should love as God does.  It’s a shame His Church has spit on that command.  In every example, the Church denies God/Jesus’ directives on this topic to support their own bigotry.


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