What’s wrong with the Church.

The church is all talk, no do.

They talk about dying in hell, and saving people.

They tell you to be saved.

They try to draw you to God, who is Love, by scaring the hell out of you.  And will yell to the mountaintops that is good news.

They are more concerned about what they know, than how they live.

If they read the Bible to learn, rather than to bash people with it as a tool of fear they would see that it teaches if you fear judgement, you don’t have perfect love, and without that, God isn’t in you and you aren’t in Him.

So by teaching fear, they teach people to run from sin, not TO God.

From where you stand there are 359 directions you can run FROM SIN, but only one direction to run To God.

We give a person 359-1 odds of finding God.

So, since we teach them to be scared of God who is love and that doesn’t make any sense at all to the subconscious mind, they have doubts and questions.

The best way to assuage the questions, is to make sure everyone else thinks like you do. So, a denomination is born, where large groups of scared people gather and give each other comfort knowing that they aren’t the only one who is wrong. Each person counting on the other person being right, and no one taking the time to see what IS right.

Thus, when someone shakes their beliefs and makes them think, their “salvation” (belief only) is challenged and they bow up defensively, claws out, teeth bared, ready to lash out.  Salvation has become a verbal exercise, a Xian claim, not solid core reality in the person.  If it was a core reality, there would be no fear when it was challenged.  But, in any conversation you will have where you challenge a “believer’s” faith/beliefs/rationale, you will find them not answering your arguments, but going on the attack.  They have to defend their reality like a house built of egg shells facing a test by hammer.  The more you challenge, the more desperate they become.

Thus Catholics, Gays, Abortions, and such are attacked violently since they threaten their salvation beliefs. The more they attack the more they are assured they are ok.  They MUST show someone else has it wrong, so that it won’t be them that is wrong.

And all the while, like God told Cain, if you don’t DO good, sin is lurking at your door; then you have to master sin…..

Like Paul said, the most important theological debate of his day wasn’t important but faith expressing/working through love.

Like John said, there is no fear in perfect love, those that love have God in them and they are in God.

Like Jesus said, the sheep, the ones who did the loving acts, were the ones who got it.

And finally, back to Paul, he said you learn to get it right by practice, doing the works of love is how you learn to love.

So, what is wrong with the church, would be it’s little back can’t carry it’s big mouth and it’s tipping over about to fall.
Scriptural references available upon request.
Other reading,

Book by David Kinnaman
I refer you to them only, there is no affiliation.  Don’t let my,”to the point” approach at this discussion discredit their research.

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