The Gospel…. the short version.

There was Adam.
He sinned.
He fled God.
God had to seek him out to fix his sin.

Ever since then, as Man sins they flee God. They are afraid of punishment. 1John 4:16-18.

God made man so that He inherently loved his offspring.

God first gave us grace, when we refused to accept, we lacked belief, so he gave the jews a law. The law was to set them apart as a holy people.

From the holy people there was to be a holy of holies. The one with the MOST pure of hearts, who deserved no pain or death, was given the pain and death of us all.

The blood doesn’t make GOD forgive you. BUT it shows you how important you are to HIM. Jesus sit on the cross knowing He did not have to die, and he too, the pain and punishment anyway. He died, so we would understand, we love our children and would die for them.

But God sent His son to die for us.

He wants us to come home.
There is no greater love but that one lay down their life for another.

God showed his love for us.

His son told a story about the prodigal son.

Who finally, when he bottomed out, returned home. In Jewish law, he was covered in pig/excrement, unkosher foods, he should have been sent outside of town til he was pure for a few days. The man runs up and hugs his son, brings him in and cleans him, and feeds him and restores him.

We are welcome home.

So, Christ came to enable us, to come home, so God can fix us, and we can learn to love as perfectly as He does. Then we’ll have no more fear. And we are in Him and Him in us.

Christ told the story that God is the gardener, and Christ is the vine. We are a branch. The branch does nothing but hold the fruit the VINE PRODUCES. We take what is pretty from the vine and present it to the world. OR you might say, the VINE enables and empowers us to be His instrument of Righteousness, to do the works we were saved to do.

For God so loved the world, He gave his only son, to die an unrequired death, to convince us we could come home and be made clean and used for his work, and we did not have to fear and hide from Him and try to do it alone.

Scripture presents that if you don’t love correctly, He’s not in you and you aren’t in HIM. I don’t know how far you think you get Post death without Him.

I’d say nothing is more important than the love.



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