The importance of Bible Study?

What Kind of christian would a Berean be?

Bereans are the example people want to use when they support Bible study. Which is not to say I don’t, but there is a point here to be made.

At the time the Bereans lived, they would have all had to have been in the top 5 or 3% of the populations average income to afford their own personal scrolls.

Considering how righteous those scrolls were considered in their culture, they would have only been in a Temple or other Holy Place, not in the home office. To presume that every Berean had copies and researched on their own, is a fabrication of reality that needs to be recognized.

Ephesians 4 shows that SOME are gifted with leading gifts to lead the Church. Not everyone has a spiritual gift of prophecy, understanding, teaching, study, leadership, teaching, etc. So if you are one with different gifts and you are taught you should study and teach yourself, what’s going to be that result? 🙂 Probably one more protestant denomination.

But the Ephesians chapters show a way to learn things that, might cause some pause, and have you think about the Bereans.


There is a reasoning understanding, through study, and such. And there is what you learn through application… Gnosis, Epignosis.

Eph 4 says something sorta like this…

God appoints some to have gifts of leadership to lead the church to works of service. (manifested love).
Through those works the Church grows in Unity and Knowledge of Christ.
Until all the people in the Church grow (through works) into the same perfection Christ had on earth. Perfection means complete, And we are to be as spiritually complete as the fullness of Christ’s spiritual completeness. No less in any way….

My “picture” of this, or analogy….

To play on God’s baseball team, you have to learn to pitch and bat left handed instead of right handed. (complete personal change)

You can go and watch film, read every book on it, study Kinesiology, until you know EVERYTHING there is to know about throwing lefty and batting lefty.

Now, when you go out and throw the ball, you have to chase it down. Because you suck. You throw like a 2nd grade girl. (no offense to any 2nd grade girl pitchers…) All that study, all that knowledge, all that understanding, did NOTHING to make you a better picture.

However, if you ignore the video, ignore the books, and spend all your time with your coach (God in this case…) throwing the ball over and over and over, small subtle, and SSsssslllloooowwwww changes will occur and eventually you are pitching left handed and it feels natural. You have a new natural. You have been changed from righty to lefty.

God wants a change, not a scholar.


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