My personal disclaimer:

Let me be clear…  Maskchange

I don’t care what you think you know, or what you believe, I care about how it manifests in your life.

In this venue we only have words, and you can say what you will, but even when you carefully word your comments, you still reveal things about the inside of you that you hide behind the mask.

Most of you, present a carefully constructed mask to the world, and call it christian (as I’m addressing christians). And you think a better Christian is one with a better mask. That’s like saying the best skunk is the one with the most perfume on it. (two nasty odors, not just one.. the problem is there, but now there are two problems.)

Your mask is an orchestration of your devising. It doesn’t reflect a change in you, it reflects your efforts at control. If you have to control your heart, by definition you are bridling it, but it is not changed.

God wants a changed heart, and He says HE does the changing. Go look up “heart of stone” in Ezekiel’s thoughts. If you continually make a mask and cling to it, you never let God pass to the heart to work on it.

You can only experience that change, if you stop acting, and start living, transparently. Let your emotions show, let your thoughts be known, and learn where you are wrong. The more transparent you are with your heart, the more changing and the faster it will occur.

You have to live a real life, not act a life for the world to see. The more you act or try to live up to the mask you think you should portray, the better the mask is made, but the person inside is left stagnant and wanting.

The Church is filled beautiful masks. Theology has gone from what is God’s plan for me, to how Christian can I act? And the arguments aren’t of faith anymore, but on who made the better mask.


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