Just shut up and listen…

Things you can learn when you shut up and listen, observe, and accept.

The creek is barely a trickle. I’m sure before the city was built around it, that it was a home for fish and wildlife frequented it daily for life.

Today the city bustles around it. From where I sit, I see an irregularly square patch of color under the little bit of water flowing. It’s laying over the stones like a shadow, but it’s brownish green coloring shows that it’s being subsumed by the nature around it. An unnatural invasion being reclaimed by nature itself. Perhaps a napkin or a piece of paper, but moss is growing over it, and slime, and slowly it’s being eaten and resubmitted to nature. May it have a more productive benefit in it’s next life.

On the bank where the grass loses it’s dominance to the flowing water you have a whole community of life. Three different types of grass exist, a broad bladed grass sticks out every little bit in the skinny hair like lighter green grass that covers most of the area. And another grass that grows like a stalk and unfolds at maturity pokes up here and there as well. All crammed into such a tiny space, no battles between them. They find their place and coexist. There are some close to the ground weeds that grow and are blossoming here and there. If each different colored blossom is a different weed, then there are 9 different types in this small 20′ square area. And there are the occasional long stemmed weeds blossoming here and there, sometimes we call them flowers.

Outside of this 20 sq ft area the city adds it’s contribution. The occasional Styrofoam cup, aluminum beer tab, soda bottle, etc…

This is man’s contribution to God’s creation. Which when it was created we were told to care for it. And now we rape this creation to suit our own comforts, desires, and aspirations. Rather than being part of this creation, we have set ourselves apart as more than the creation and foregone our reciprocal duty to her. Where we had an obligation to assist her so she could flourish, we constantly take from her, mar her, abuse her and take her for granted.

The Church, in today’s world, is the same. Where we are to be part of the world, fitting into her, and helping by service to her, we have become standoffish and bossy, trying to tell her how to do it herself. Her in this case being our interpersonal relations in society.

Rather than loving our neighbor we tell them how they should love others and sit on our ass.

Rather than feeding the poor, we try to legislate them out of our line of sight.

Rather than getting involved with young men and women to avoid unmarried, unplanned, unexpected pregnancies, we choose to stand at an abortion clinic and make an already traumatized young girl scarred even more for life. In the future, every other Christian that approaches her will be met with disdain and unbelief of a loving God. Instead they will know God as a Benito Mussolini hateful entity.

The church’s role in society, mirrors man’s scars left upon God’s creation.

And while we can clean up our footprint in the world, the scars we make with society will grow exponentially each generation.

As the Church feels the impact of already having generations of negative presence, her response is to get HARDER in the positions that have led to this situation in the first place.

If you don’t stand up, and create a microrevolution among your people of influence in the Church, you’ll see a Church that is dying irreversibly before you pass on.

What will YOU do about it? Become a more hardcore fundamentalist, or learn to Love neighbor and God as you were instructed?


One comment on “Just shut up and listen…

  1. Did you pick up the Styrofoam cup, can, and other objects of environmental refuge?

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