I am an under educated, over thinking, always seeking, often challenging, more often challenged, student of The Way.

I see faith as a lifestyle, not a set of cue card cliches vomited on call that sound potent but carry no meaning, when one seeks to become one of His disciples.  In my experience most people who claim to share my faith, are more interested in what they are supposed to say, than how they are supposed to live.  I grew up SBC and at a point in my life I faced some challenging theology.  As a debater in High School and College I understand research and I set to prove my case in scripture.  The harder I worked, the more I disproved what I was taught growing up.

I went through several emotional fits, fear, anger, despair, incredulity, anger again, frustration.  But I kept turning pages and breaking down the issues I faced.  At first it was one verse, which led to one topic, which led to tangents of the topic and them to more topics.  But, it all had to fit together or I knew it wasn’t right.  I believe there will be no contradictions when the faith is finally lived.  But I was challenged by what I read, compared to what I taught.

Many people today, aren’t concerned with more than a painted smile, warm heart, repeat the same ole lines so they can fit in with their fellow church lifers.  When I speak my faith with an unbeliever, I’m often faced with having to deconstruct the box they put me in because of their experiences with other “believers”.  Those conversations led me to the realization that most people, don’t and won’t challenge what they have been taught.  In all fairness not everyone needs to.  Some people just get on about living the life with no concern about the details.  I envy them. 🙂

I hope to present challenges to the faith, to your faith, and to be challenged in my faith.  So, I made this spot to share my thoughts so I had easy reference to observations I’ve made and can refer people to.  I’ve also been excited with the idea of having my thoughts challenged, or being told I’m wrong and shown how I’m wrong.  I want more than anything, to get it right, not be thought of as right.   And without the assistance of an outside argument, I can be my own worse enemy.

Please, put me in my place.


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